Tiny Art Pieces Are “Sweet” In More Ways Than One!

The most frustrating part of baking is getting the small details right. Mixing everything together and following the recipe isn’t so hard, but getting the powdered sugar on the top exactly right can be so frustrating.

That’s why these pictures by Italian baker Mateo Stucchi are so impressive. He takes his bakery creations and uses them to tell stories with the help of tiny figurines.

While the scenes he comes up with are interesting, the best part of Stucchi’s art are the perfect details on his pastries and how they inspire the picture. Look through this list of some of his best creations and decide which looks the tastiest.

And if you want to see his latest creations, follow him on Instagram at idolcidigulliver.

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If these creations inspire you to treat yourself to some chocolate, go ahead and indulge!

After all, dealing with your stress will make up for the extra calories. Just don’t feel like you have to live up to Stucchi’s examples, because that would be pretty tough!

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