Mother Cat Adopts Three Ducklings – ViralSlot

On the BBC series “Animal Odd Couples”, wildlife biologist and host Liz Bonnin finds a cat who adopts three ducklings shortly after giving birth to kittens. Ronan and Emma Lally who are living in Clara, Offaly County, Ireland, noticed one day that three of their newly hatched ducklings were missing. They suspected that their disappearance […]

Baby Panda Rides a Rocking Horse – ViralSlot

  OK, the race to find the most adorable thing online is officially over. This little guy’s cuteness just can’t be beat! He’s playing just like a little baby and all I want to do is run over there and give him the biggest hug ever! A baby panda trying to ride a rocking horse? […]

Man in a Suit Plays Football with Lions – ViralSlot

  Van Gils. Proud tailor of KNVB and supporter of wild lions. Lion Whisperer Kevin Richardson, stylishly dressed in a Van Gils suit feels more confident than ever before. No Stitch, No Story. Kevin Richardson is a South African zoo keeper who has been accepted into several prides of Lions as one of their own. […]

Happy Cows – ViralSlot

  After the winter season this cow herd (included some young cows, which have not yet started to give milk, and never need to, and one bull) are coming out to the open field again. Usually, cows are happy when they get out in spring, but these cows are happier than the average dairy cow […]

Elephant Calf River Rescue – ViralSlot

    An elephant herd was crossing the Ewaso Nyiro river in Kenya when a baby elephant got caught in the swollen river’s current! Sandy Gelderman was on a safari and captured the intense moment on video. You have to see what happened next! [embedyt][/embedyt]