Chihuahua Dog Steals Treats From Two Big Dogs – ViralSlot

Size does matters… but not always true.

A considerably hungry Chihuahua named Elmo proves that it is all about speed, not size.

As shown in the video below, two big dogs named Jess and Buster are beside each other and Elmo is quite far from them. The owner puts one sausage in front of each of them, and says, “Wait.” And the dogs waited patiently.

But as the owner says “Ok,” Elmo took his piece in his mouth and immediately stole the other two. Obviously, the two big dogs were caught by surprise and seemed to be helpless as the Chihuahua ran away.

According to the owner, Elmo is a typical greedy dog. But don’t worry, the two poor big dogs got their got their sausages back.Chihuahua steals sausage