Cat Adopts Baby Squirrel, Loves Him Like Her Own Kitten – ViralSlot

Emmy the cat has just gave birth to cute little kitten; but there is something unusual. The mother cat has also adopted a baby squirrel, who later learned to purr like a kitten. According to Emma and Jim Watkins of Mississippi, they rescued baby squirrel Rocky after falling down from a tree. To save him from danger, the little animal was placed alongside with Emmy’s kittens.

Amazingly, Emmy even offers her protective eyes to him and treats him like her own kitten. On the other hand, Rocky did not find it hard to love his adoptive family. Now, the Watkin couple says they have no plans of bringing Rocky back into the wild.

Watch the video below, and you’ll see how a loving mother can be so kind to the young, even if it is not hers.