Mother Cat Adopts Three Ducklings – ViralSlot

On the BBC series “Animal Odd Couples”, wildlife biologist and host Liz Bonnin finds a cat who adopts three ducklings shortly after giving birth to kittens. Ronan and Emma Lally who are living in Clara, Offaly County, Ireland, noticed one day that three of their newly hatched ducklings were missing. They suspected that their disappearance had something to do with their cat Della.

They started to investigate and found the ducklings with Della: the cat, who had three newly-born kittens was trying to nurse the baby ducks! A few days later, the cat with the kittens and ducklings were all doing well like a big happy family. Sure, the ducklings can’t suckle, but it’s amazing how the cat, contrary to the popular belief that it would eat the ducklings, adopted the baby ducks and treated them like her kittens’ siblings.

Thanks to this sweet mother cat, these 3 baby ducklings have a warm and loving place to call home. Its truly amazing to see God’s creatures come together like this in time of need.